Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Harro, I'm baaaack!  And piled up with reviews and what have you!  But first I'm going to start out withhhh.

On the Sephora site, it is said to be "A long-lasting lip stain with a soft-tipped marker component for easy application."  And I'll have to say, after a good month and a half of daily use, it lives up to its name!  The fantastico lip stain was very easy to use and the packaging is convenient (and wicked cute!) It dries quickly after applying but layers very well for the exact color you want.  It can be faint in colour or vibrant with more layers, but not gaudy.  The soft felt tip like marker tip makes it easy to line your lips and the scent is, well.  Yummy.  (:  Swatches coming soon, promise!

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