Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ashley - 
NYX Single Eyeshadows come in a wide variety of colors for $5.50 each and locations can be found here, I purchase mine from Ulta. These eyeshadows come in classic, black, plastic packaging. They're silky and richly pigmented, apply smoothly and blend really easily. The problem that I've noticed is that, on me, they wear off a little faster than more expensive brands, such as MAC. But I think that for the price, it's definitely worth it and it doesn't turn me away from the product because I still do get a decent amount of wear from them.
Frosted Lilac: is a light, frosty lilac purple.
Cherry: is a vibrant, bright red-pink.
Bronze: is a metallic bronze.
Copper: is a metallic reddish copper.
Champagne: is a slightly deepened biege-y champagne with minimal shimmer.

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