Friday, April 9, 2010

Ashley -
Hey guys, so I decided to open up with a quick red lip tutorial, I realize these aren't the most flattering pictures. I'm convinced the camera I used creates flaws that aren't there. Anyways! I hope you enjoy this step by step guide to perfect red lips.
-- ( Products Used)--
1. Start with moisturized lips, it helps if you exfoliate
your lips beforehand. I just gently exfoliate mine
with a toothbrush.
2. Use concealer to blank out the natural color
of your lips so that the red lipstick really pops.
3. Line your lips with your lip liner, you can use
clear or a red one, whichever you prefer. This keeps
the lipcolor from bleeding and defines your lips.
4. Fill in your lips with your lip liner so that when the lipstick
fades, you're not left with an awkward ring around your lips.
5. Next apply your lipstick. For precise application, I used a lip brush.
Red lipstick can get rather messy so using a brush for this is prefered.
7. Lastly, gloss. This is opitional if you prefer your lips to be matte.
To further define your lips and clean up the edges if you made
any mistakes or got out of the lines, apply concealer around lips.
Also, you could apply some highlighter to your cupid's bow to make
your lips appear fuller.

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