Friday, April 16, 2010

Ashley -

I purchased my Sonia Kashuk Crease Shadow Brush at Target, I believe they can still be found there, but I couldn't locate it on the Target website to link back to here. Before this brush, I was just using my flat shader brush to apply color to the crease, which proved a little messy. This is small, domed and fits perfectly into the eye crease, as well as being useful for applying color to the outer v and highlighting under the brow and the inner corner. The bristles are very soft and perfectly dense, they pick up the right amount of color and deposit it beautifully. It's easy to soften the color with this brush, as well. I've had minimal to no problems with it shedding. It's never shedded while I was using it, but maybe a few times during washing, but it was minimal and didn't effect my thoughts on the brush overall. The handle of it is white and can get dirty pretty fast if you're as messy as me when doing your makeup, so mine is kinda dirty. This is a wonderful, inexpensive brush and I'd recommend picking one up if they carry it at your local Target.

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